From 1919 in Tossa

In 1919 Enric Madrenys Font, a pharmacist from Tossa de Mar, opened the chemist Madrenys, which was the only chemist in Tossa until 1979. In 1970, Mr Enric's son, Antoni, took over the bussines until 1994. The original one was in St Telm Street 19, on the ground floor of a neogothic building which was where the family lived. It was built in the XIX century by an ancestor who had made his fortune trading with America.
Mr Alfons Arbussé Peracaula started to work there as an assistant in 1986, and in 1994 became the owner of the chemist, a little after passing his qualifications.
The evolution of the pharmaceutical profession, the new commercial trends, the domographic changes in Tossa, and the desire not to harm the original building, caused the transfer to La Guàrdia Street 19, in june 2009.
The new premises offered a better layout, where you can provide a modern and quality pharmaceutical service.
The buiding was renovated in 2000, conserving an interesting modernist facade. You can find it in the pedestrian area, in the old town of Tossa, two minutes from its original location.
When we moved from the original chemist, we managed to save most of the antiques from the Chemist Madrenys, like original medicines from the 1920, leaflets, magazines, prescriptions, books, laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical bottles, furniture, etc. 
The Madrenys lived in the "chemist of the village" during the transformation of Tossa; from being a village of fishermen and farmers, who were heavily dependant on the cork industry, to being a village enterily dependant on tourism; and from the Ava Gardner's film "The Flying Dutchman" to the 60's touristic boom.